2016 Everyday Images

I started a 365 in November 2016! Enjoy…

1:365 Around the house web-145:365 Stacy web-157:365 Christmas Day web-141:365 jack and Harley web63:365 indoor bball web-146:365 Jack tree web-12:365 Halloween web-158:365 day after Christmas web-142:365 Stanta WEB-343:365 Luminaries WEB-43:365 new lamp web-147:365 Mr and Mrs Claus freelensed web-159-365 Harley and BB-8-1744-365 Flowers web freelensed-148:365 Jack bday party web-14:365 Basketball time web-160_365 Katie-Woodard-sledding-web-149:365 drone web-15:365 Computer time freelensed web-150:365 favorite 2015 gift web-161:365 Upper Bowl 12-29-16 web-16:365 batdad is funny web-162:365 view from front window web-151:365 Durango web-152:365 Durango web-18:365 Walnut Canyon freelensed web-153:365 Durango Jack is 12 web-19:365 faucet web-154:365 Durango web-110:365 elelction day web-111:365 Jedi Trail web-155:365 home web-112:365 elelction day after web-256:365 Christmas Eve snow web-113-365 Jack Bball web-114-365 Jack NJB 2016 web-115:365 night before the Super Super Moon web-116:365 Super Super Moon WEB-117:365 Ginger Trail web18-365 FNAZF with WENA web-119-365 S. Kaibab Trail Web-120-365 Bus Station web-121-365 banana pancakes web-122:365 new theater-123-365 Adam is 10 web-124:365 Peaks web-225:365 Pre thanksgiving cooking web-126-365 Thanksgiving Pie in the Face web-127-365 early shopping web-128:365 Tree cutting 2016-33web29-365 Charlie Brown tree web-130:365 Jack snow web-131-365 J&T skiing web32-365 Adam ice skating web-133-365 Jackson car light freelensed web-134-365 Katie kitchen web-135:365web-136:365 listening to the radio web-337:365 365web-238:365 prism web-439:365 1st Band Concert web-140:365-Morning backyard light freelensed


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