2017 Everyday

A continuation of my photo a day- these are from the 1st half of 2017!

64-365 New Years Day Snow Katie Woodard65 web-166-365 in the kitchen Katie Woodard WEB-167 Adam web-168 cold ski day web-169 harley web-170 Adam web-171 Adam chairlift web-172 orchid and the sunrise web-173 Embrace Move screeningweb-174 fire cider WEB-175 Adam big snowflakes web-176 dog sitting web-277 all 4 woodards WEB-178 Sunday driveweb-479 Hidden Figures web-580 crazy cloud web-681 dark January morning web-782 Jan freelensing music WEB-183 best tree ski day web-185 Winter Sunrise web-186 woodard family snowdays web-187 winter sunrise 2 web-188 cross country skies web-189 icicles web-190 Flagstaff CSA cauliflower! web-191 peaks sunset WEB-192 Adam web-193 harley web-194 Sedona web-195 around the house freelensed web-196 Sonoran Desert Perserve web-197 Black Mountain hike web-198 rebel cactus-199 csa lunch web-1100 boys indoor bball web-1101 WENA web-1102 Jack web-1103 Adam Spelling bee web-1104 All Star web-1105 Chocolate Walk web-1106 Katie 7th grade bball team web-1107 the funky kitchen web-1108 Borscht web-1109 Phx web-1110 Adam mag glass web-1112 Sat am web-1113 Jackson focal length test-1114 Harley web-1115 early am snowbowl web116 Jack in room web-1117 macro web-1118 fire and music web-1119 hot air balloon web-1120 Adam bball web-1121 Snow web-1122 Ski Day web123 adam web-1125 coppa with kim web-1126 6th grade All Stars 2017-1127 tango web-1128 baby session web-1129 ping pong web-1130 hotel fun web-1131 almond day web-1132 plant light web-1133 carlsbad spring break web-1134 carlsbad spring break web-1135 carlsbad spring break web-1136 carlsbad-2 web137 NC trip Marian-7 webProcessed with VSCO with b5 preset139 funeral day web140 way home rdu-3 web141 harley shake WEB-1142 backyard afternoon light WEB-1143 Adam's room web-1144 Jack snacks WEB-1145 March Snow WEB-1146 Disney web-1147 all stars Anahiem web-1148 Adam hotel light web-1149 laughlin web -1150 straining the spaghetti web-1151 red chair web-1152 from the couch web-1153 Harley in the snow web-1154 April Fools Lunch 'Grilled Cheese' web-1155 Paleo muffins web-1156 Tar Heels win in PHX web-1157 Adam in his room web-1158 Suns Warriors web159 cards160 Zion Yoga web-1161 Zion Yoga web-1162 Zion Yoga web-1163 last day Zion web-16164 afternoon light web165 Jack and his ball web-1166 Picture Canyon with Adam web-1167 Spring web169 Spring Flowers web-1170 Katie and Kids-5171 Jack Computer web-1172 April trees web-1173 Stacy guitars web-1174 Stacy Bday web-1175 Adam docks webProcessed with VSCO with b1 preset178 Sunset trail spring webProcessed with VSCO with b5 preset180 Jack NPA bball web-1181 Grand Canyon Helios web-1182 Toasted Owl web184 Harley freelensed web-1186 Light web-1187 Jack NPA bball web-1187 Katie web-1189 Adam breakfast web-1190 ClickinWalk web-1191 Jack back deck basketball-1193 Inner basin web194 Stacy web-1Processed with VSCO with a4 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset197Mother'sDay2017web198 WENA delivery $14,050 web-1200 vermillion cliffs web-1201 FJA Adam music performance202 fuji fun web-1203 Schultz Tank web-1204 Monopoly web-1205 Harley web-1206 Adam 4th grade graduation web-1207 Ukuele web-1209 Powell web-1210 Powell Surfing web-1212 Adam Funtastic web-1213 baby toes web-1215 Adam 4th grade flash mob web-1216 harley and me web217 Garden start web-1218 Adam Garden web-1219 Harley and Jack web-1220 Griffith Springs web-1221 Adam before the cashew test web223 Peaks Saddle-1224 Summer web-1225 Summer Market web-1226 Summer Funtastic web-1227 Summer Powell web-1228 Summer Funtastic web-1229 fancy ice cream web-1230 flagstaff sign web-1-2231 Harley and me web232 Father's Day web234 Dalton Springs Campground web-1235 the river life web236 Buckboard Campground web-1237 Flagstaff summer nights web239 Top of Elden web240 Stacy guitar web-1241 Powell web-1242 Sand King244 Freelensed June web-1


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