Fossil Creek 2017

Fossil Creek, between Camp Verde and Payson, AZ is stunning! It is a popular destination for people from all aver AZ, for good reason. You need a permit and you can get one a few months before you want to go. The clear blue green water and the white colored cliffs in the water is from travertine in the river. The fishing and swimming is amazing!

Fossil Creek 2017-1Fossil Creek 2017-2Fossil Creek 2017-3Fossil Creek 2017-4Fossil Creek 2017-5Fossil Creek 2017-6Fossil Creek 2017-7Fossil Creek 2017-8Fossil Creek 2017-9Fossil Creek 2017-10Fossil Creek 2017-11Fossil Creek 2017-12Fossil Creek 2017-13Fossil Creek 2017-14Fossil Creek 2017-15Fossil Creek 2017-16Fossil Creek 2017-17Fossil Creek 2017-18Fossil Creek 2017-19Fossil Creek 2017-20Fossil Creek 2017-21Fossil Creek 2017-22Fossil Creek 2017-23


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