Fossil Creek 2017

Fossil Creek, between Camp Verde and Payson, AZ is stunning! It is a popular destination for people from all aver AZ, for good reason. You need a permit and you can get one a few months before you want to go. The clear blue green water and the white colored cliffs in the water is […]

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Scotland 2015

Scotland was such an amazing place! We visited some fun Flagstaff friends who had relocated there for a few years. It was more beautiful than I could ever have imagined! The car was tiny, the roads were narrow, and the scenery was stunning!

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Mexico 2014

Such a beautiful and peaceful spot! This time myself and two kiddos got stung by stingrays, not fun.  It was still fun and we had a great group of friends to enjoy it with!

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May 2011

Fun in May 2011…this 1st one is from a FJA field trip with Jack and Adam to the Grand Canyon. Can you believe we had 30 plus kids under the age of 7 at the edge of the GRAND CANYON???? Wyatt and Stacy Woodard performing at their end of singing class recital….brotherly love…. A cool […]

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February 2011

I had the incredible chance to take a private Grand Canyon Rafting trip down the Colorado River, my former career (guiding down the Colorado River from 1996-2003).  It was cold but so fun and relaxing! I also took a few self portraits this month!      

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